Thursday, June 30, 2011

Why girls don't fart

So I think this is my new favorite thing - finding videos and then picking them apart. Allow me...

I hate to break it to you boys...I sneeze and I can probably burp louder than you. What this video tells me, is that women should be ashamed of their biological urges to expel gas and they should hide these natural things and do them in private. If ANYONE has to fart, they should definitely go in a different room to do that (that's just nasty), but not through a secret stall in the bathroom, down into a dungeon and into a metal safe, so it can be "contained." And when she did finally expel her gas, it was grotesque, loud and actually rather frightening. But the camera barely deviated from her naked silhouette inside, contorting into very sexual poses - her hands pressed against the glass, her back arched and her breasts pushing against the glass. 

Necessary biological function for women = unheard of and gross.

If there is a secret safe where women go to fart, I have no idea where it is.

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