Thursday, June 30, 2011

Why girls don't fart

So I think this is my new favorite thing - finding videos and then picking them apart. Allow me...

I hate to break it to you boys...I sneeze and I can probably burp louder than you. What this video tells me, is that women should be ashamed of their biological urges to expel gas and they should hide these natural things and do them in private. If ANYONE has to fart, they should definitely go in a different room to do that (that's just nasty), but not through a secret stall in the bathroom, down into a dungeon and into a metal safe, so it can be "contained." And when she did finally expel her gas, it was grotesque, loud and actually rather frightening. But the camera barely deviated from her naked silhouette inside, contorting into very sexual poses - her hands pressed against the glass, her back arched and her breasts pushing against the glass. 

Necessary biological function for women = unheard of and gross.

If there is a secret safe where women go to fart, I have no idea where it is.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

What would you do?

Watch it!

Go grab a box of tissues - I'll wait.

Ready? Okay.

This video was extremely moving for me. "It is not the words of our enemies we remember, but the silence of our friends." That's the part that got me. There are a lot of people that won't stand up for someone else, even if they know something is wrong because they feel it's none of their business (hence New York.) But this restored my faith in humanity. Rock on, Texas.

But let's bring something to light. We, as a society want to see everything about gay men. In the video, more people defended the gay men and with more vehemence. We love their culture, their music and we (most women at least) want to hang out with gay men. "Let's go shopping and watch Sex in the City!" But we don't want to see anything having to with love or sex when it concerns them. And we want to see the sexuality of lesbians, but only if they're pretty. It's everywhere - movies, T.V. and all the little media places in between. Fergie came came out of the bisexual closet. Remember the I Gotta Feeling video? All it was was her scantily clad touching and rubbing other scantily clad women. And that boosted their album sales. And that is exactly the problem. But society definitely does not want to see anything about the lesbian culture.
Recently, a guy hit on me. This is how the conversation went. Verbatim.

Me: I'm sorry but I'm gay.
Him: But you're so beautiful and sexy! Why would you want to be gay?
Me: @_@

I just sat there, gazing off stupidly. I didn't even know what to say. But then as usual, my mouth opened and started spewing things out.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It's the Pits.

Approaching the subject of the controversy about unwanted hair on women is an intimidatingly large subject. So if we boil it down to the base and scoop out the largest unsavory clump we are faced with the concept of armpit hair. 

Ah armpit hair! 

Just the thought is revolting to so many unenlightened women. I have been tending a gorgeous garden of under arm follicles for a few years now and it has been a mind-opening and pleasant journey. But why are we so against the idea of pit fuzz in our culture? Leg hair is a mild annoyance, moustaches are embarrassingly laughable and our fuzzy snatches are such a hot topic that we openly discuss what shape our pubes should be in. 
But when it comes down to the pits, it isn’t even discussed as an option of to shave or not to shave. It’s like our entire country is under the impression that to have a hairy pit as a woman, one is immediately labeled as a smelly hippy. There is nothing unhygienic about armpit hair, if there was wouldn’t men be expected to shave too? And yet men are not expected to trim their underarm hair in the slightest, it is just generally accepted that it’s ok for men to be hairy under there and an unspeakable horror for women to be. 

WHY? Lets examine.

As soon as puberty rears its ugly head razors are being slapped into the hands of adolescent girls a crossed the nation. We have a mile long border between what is considered man and what is considered woman in our society and these gender roles are so pounded into our heads from such an early age that we consider them to be our own thoughts. That its just natural for a woman to want to spend her time methodically removing her body hair and that’s just the way it is. But why do we make our bodies into hairless seemingly delicate things if not for the benefit of men? Because when you think of hairless skin you think of how it would feel to run your lips and tongue a crossed it. Because when we think of body hair we are automatically hypnotized to think of texture and smell and other real aspects that make up a real body. 
But women’s bodies aren’t meant to be perceived as real living and functioning things, they exist solely for the delight and entertainment of sex and prettiness. Women don’t fart, they don’t burp or sweat or take a monstrous dump. (heh...) They are smooth and delicate and inviting, painted and smoothed and trimmed just waiting for a man’s touch…Right?
Listen up girls! Starting at the moment that first trickle of blood runs down your thigh you are on a mission! You must perfect yourself! Pluck, primp, prod and poof yourself into being that ultimate vessel for entertainment and delight! SHUN! Shuuuun the non-believer who is free to keep her body in whichever manner she pleases. Who takes it upon herself to be "lazy" and "gross" by allowing her body to keep it's natural look. Damn dirty hippys...

My personal opinion? Down with gender roles! The revolution isn't going to be a vast single moment, it will come slowly and with small steps. For women out there who feel helpless and hopeless and have no means of expressing their dissatisfaction with gender and feminist issues, have your own personal little secret...

...stop shaving.


a brief introductory post...

After much coercion from fellow poster Kris, I've "voluntarily" decided to make a brief introductory post.

...hem hem...

I am Sara with no H, I am a 25 years old Virgo.
I live in Roanoke VA, not my birthplace but my Hometown in my heart. Gotta love the mountains.
I am an artist and writer and Pagan and bit strange.
I am queer, and have a lovely male fiancĂ©e who puts up with my snoring.
I have 4 not so lovely cats who like to climb up on my altar and eat my blessed sage.
Kris my fellow blogger is my wonderfully quirky best friend.
And I am a feminist.
I'll scream it from those hypothetical mountain tops because I am not afraid of that word.
And neither should you!
I am an advocate for the gender revolution and I stand firmly behind LGBTQ Issues. I am pro-choice, anti-rape and I <3 crazy alternative women. The focus of any post you see by me will probably be socially based, I believe the revolution starts small and it starts at home with what we see everyday. I am sarcastic, cynical and humorous. And I am also sensible and easy going, I'm not going to shove anything down your throat. I understand the world is a certain way and I know many people out there don't want to see it changed. It's up to me (and you!) to make them see a different point of view, and make them laugh while doing it.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pink is for Vaginae, Blue is for...

So, Sara and I are followers of the Feminist Frequency on Youtube. She showed me a podcast on advertisements directed at children and the differences in the toys. Anita says toys aimed at boys encourage competition, strategy, adventure, control, creativity, conquering and commanding. Girl toys are all about nurturing, child rearing, self-image, beauty and popularity. Girl toys definitely do not promote creativity, unless it's choosing between green or orange eyeshadow for their Bratz doll.

Our (Sara, myself and Stony, our wonderful male feminist friend) all agreed that toys aimed at males do not encourage any tenderness or individuality. They also promote violence, destruction, power and conquest; And basically, in our society it's taboo for boys to play with girl toys, but comical for girls to play with boy toys. Women are not the only ones with a nurturing instinct and in fact, not all women have it. Men also possess this instinct too. There are several men I've known who's "dirty little secret" was that they played with Barbie dolls. And even then, I had to pry that out of them because they were embarrassed! My parents were very supportive, or maybe they just didn't care that I wanted to play with dump trucks and G.I. Joes instead of Barbies and makeup.

Stony pointed out that he hates how girl commercials are always in hot pink. "It's such an offensive color to the eyes," he says. Not only is it an abomination of the color wheel and painful to look at under bright lights, it also means something. Take a look at baby announcement banners - "It's a boy!" is always colored in blue and "It's a girl!" is always colored in pink. Even before we are born, we have specific assigned colors according to our genatalia. But what do these colors mean and why is it such a big deal you may be asking? Allow me to enlighten!

Studies show that large amounts of pink induce physical weakness. Also, the color pink psychologically makes us think of physical tranquility, nurture and warmth but also of inhibitions, emasculation, emotional claustrophobia and physical weakness.

Blue projects psychological associations of importance, confidence, logic, intelligence, lack of emotion, unfriendliness and coldness.

Are we assuming boys will all like one thing and girls will like another or are we (subconsciously or not) training them to lead specific roles?


Monday, May 9, 2011

Why, hello there! Allow me to introduce myself! My name is Kris. I'm a 21 year old woman, I write poetry and short stories, I work in a gym, I love my life and oh yeah, I'm a feminist.

1: the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes

I am starting this blog because I am tired. I am tired of the portrayal of women in the media and in society. I am tired of the rampant sexism in commercials (don't believe me? Anyone who can tell me what's wrong with this gets a gold star.) I am tired of ads and magazines that make women feel bad about themselves and in turn they feel the need to change and sometimes mutilate their bodies - enhance your breast line, reduce your pants size, flatten your belly, look better naked, how to seduce a man and the list goes on and on. Look at any women's magazine while standing in line at the grocery store and you'll see what I mean.  Ads often photoshop pictures of their models to make them look younger, thinner, curvier and flawless. Most of these women are beautiful as it is, but even the smallest "blemish" like a tiniest bit of body fat, wrinkle and fold must be covered. Cleavage must be made to look more prominent, breasts must look curvier and bigger and tummies must be slimmer. This creates a completely unrealistic image. No woman's body truly looks like that, only a computer can morph it to be so. 

So let me tell you my beliefs as a feminist - 

1. My breasts are more than just spectacles and hand warmers.  Women's bodies do not exist for the entertainment of men or anybody else for that matter. My body is not a decoration - I have ideas, opinions and a voice that matters
2. I am not a doormat, a prostitute or a stripper. Because I was born a woman  does not mean I must radically change my body to conform to society's image. I will not flaunt and expose MY body for sexual attraction, use it as a tool to get ahead in a male dominated world or to compete with other women for more attention. 
3. Women come in all shapes and sizes and I am not defined by my bra size or my waistline. Yes, be healthy, exercise and take care of your body! But don't let the images beat into your head by society be your motivation. 
4. My body belongs to me and I control it. I do not exist to simply be a vessel for a small child. I do not have to bear a child if I don't wish. In our media, unadulterated sex is pushed on women feverently. But our twisted moral code in our society tells women that are sexually free that they are whores and that if they wind up pregnant they should be forced to carry the term as punishment for their promiscuity. 
5. Feminism goes deeper than just society in America. There are women in ALL parts of the world who are struggling to obtain basic human rights. Women who live in fear of being kidnapped for human trafficking, being violently raped and who have a lowered everyday standard of living because they have vaginas. 

Feminism is not just for female equality, it is for male as well. Men are also targeted for sexism in our media and stereotypes are magnetized to them. They must also live up (or more appropriately, live down) to peer and societal pressures. To be accepted they must be stupid, primal, unemotional, violent, lazy and horny at all times. 

So this blog is dedicated to gender equality, gay rights, combating sexism, helping all persons restore positive body image and everything in between.

Feminism in our society has become the new "F" word and there are more people in this world who want to insult and demean the ideals than there are people willing to defend it. This is about education, not about insulting.